Environmental Skills and Services

What GWI can do for you

Site remediation and environmental risk management are technically demanding. When we take on a project, we meet these demands by applying authentic expertise in contaminated soil and groundwater issues.

Technical Support Areas

  • Numerical modeling
  • Risk assessment
  • Laboratory analytical methods
  • Remedial technologies
  • Contaminant transport
  • NAPL behaviour
  • Reporting
  • Conceptualization of site information
  • Technical team building
  • Communication of technical work

Service Packages

  • Overall technical project management
  • Management of groundwater services, as part of a larger team
  • Program management across a portfolio of sites
  • Hands-on technical evaluation and interpretation
  • Teaching and presentation
  • Litigation support
  • Oversight of technical reporting and communication

Recent Clients and Environmental Projects

Region / Market Contaminant Project Objective Sector Our Role
US Nationwide Various Develop consistent, defensible, company-wide approaches for assessment and remediation Industrial Technical Advisor
Brownfields site in Kearny, New Jersey Coal tar, metals Evaluate Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) with numerical modeling Industrial Technical Advisor
Superfund site in Houston, Texas Creosote Evaluate contaminant migration with modeling and field studies Consulting Senior Hydro-geologist
Sydney Tar Ponds, Nova Scotia Coal, tar, metals Identify effective technologies for site cleanup; support pre-design; support final design Government Technical Advisor
New Jersey PCE, TCE, PAH’s Evaluate MNA with modeling and field studies Consulting Senior Hydro-geologist
North Carolina PCE, TCE Evaluate contaminant source areas with isotope techniques Consulting Senior Hydro-geologist
Mississippi PAH’s Design and implement field study to evaluate MNA Consulting Senior Hydro-geologist
British Columbia Creosote Conduct modeling to evaluate site remedy alternatives Consulting Technical Advisor
Arkansas PAH’s Optimization of long term Monitoring Program Industrial Technical Advisor