Dr. Mark King

Dr Mark King
Dr Mark King

Past Experience

For the past 18 years, Dr. King has specialized in technical direction and advisory services related to groundwater and contaminants. His career has followed a pathway of increasing technical specialization.

As a Project Manager, he has supervised all phases of site decommissioning and applied innovative remediation technologies for applications such as:

  • in situ bioremediation
  • removal of LNAPL and DNAPL
  • ex situ treatment of contaminated soils
  • passive interception of contaminated groundwater.

This hands-on management experience gives Dr. King an appreciation for quality control from Project initiation to conclusion.

Current Work

In a typical current project, he is a Technical Advisor to Beazer East Inc., a large U.S. company with a proactive approach to managing their nationwide portfolio of legacy sites.

Dr. King is also one of the few hydrogeologists in North America with expertise in the field of lithium brine deposits and has conducted precedent-setting analysis in this emerging field.

He has served as the Qualified Professional (QP) geoscientist for ground-breaking Resource and Reserve Estimates of lithium brine deposits in the High Andes of South America. He has also provided in depth due diligence reviews.

Dr. King has provided a variety of training services including:

  • university courses
  • in-house seminars for regulatory agencies
  • corporate workshops
  • various short courses


Dr. King’s education is in both the earth sciences and engineering. He received his PhD from the University of Waterloo where he conducted a large-scale field study of PAHs in groundwater. His master’s research was a field investigation of acid generation and acid mine drainage to groundwater and surface water from sulphide minerals.

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